This isn’t some random phrase I pulled out from my box of random phrases. Well, I did, but I wasn’t the one that came up with the idea.


The Quantum physicists have discovered what the ancient sages knew all along; The whole world consists of energy-infused moving particles, you and I included. 2500 years ago Buddha said ” Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Form and emptiness cannot be separated.” So what does this mean? It means that everything in this world, no matter how solid it appears, is consisting of moving atoms held together by energy. Everything is in a constant movement, thus change is inevitable

I’m not saying you should get a bag of pot, light up, and wait for whatever life throws at you. Go get! Dreams and goals give meaning and direction to our existence. Achievements bring joy and fuel us up. Our struggles and growth inspire others to reach for their potential.

And yes, there’s always something at the end of the rainbow, but it’s never what you expect. Your life is the ultimate treasure. Don’t throw it away because you’re scared, angry, or too proud to admit that you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. All of us struggle at times, all of us have things to learn. It’s all good.



Some of us are even-tempered, and some of us are buzzing like bees trapped in a glass jar. Some like early mornings and others hate them. Your success looks different from mine, and happiness comes in many forms. When you think of it; it makes no sense to use the same formula for everybody or trying to force yourself into someone else’s mold. Stop that nonsense; get to know your Star Archetype, find your flow and leverage your qualities. 

Hi, I’m Nina,

I’m a Certified Mindset and Clarity Coach. I combine modern coaching methods with the ancient teachings of Nine Star Ki and the I Ching. 

Sometimes you need someone to shine a light on the hidden path. That’s what I’m here to do, to hold the torch. I might accidentally set your ass on fire as well. Consider yourself warned.





I’ve used Nine Star Ki for two decades with great results. I like the cyclic nature of the houses. I find the characteristics of the Star Archetypes to be accurate in most cases. Not only is 9 Star Ki useful as a tool – It’s also fun af.



The I Ching, or The Book of Changes is an another fantastic tool for getting insight into your situation and making smart decisions. I use it all the time. It’s way more poetic than 9 Star Ki. It’s like a mirror, reflecting the hidden images of  your subconscious mind.




Some days suck. This is the nature of life. Aches, pains, stupid boyfriends, no boyfriend, you name it. However, you don’t have to suck! Learn how to use your emotions as fuel for achieving your goals.

I’m a practicing (I meditate) Buddhist. Concepts like karma (cause and effect), reincarnation(death and rebirth), and mindfulness, are influencing my thinking and ways of operating.



You want to work with the flow instead of against it. 

You want to understand your Star Archetype and how  to work with the energies. 

You’re unsure about the best direction too move.



You have a problem that keeps you stuck.

You’re unsure about your next step.

You need a partner for a brainstorming session.


Are you losing your way (and mind) in the dating game! What to do about it and how to find your match.

Is your partner still an enigma to you? You want to understand what makes him or her tick.

Are your Archetypes compatible and what to do to make your relationship better. 


Are you always buying stuff that  doesn’t feel right and clogs up your closet? 

Learn what style, colors, shapes, and materials work best for your Star Archetype?

Feel more confident and happy with small changes in your style and environment.

I loved hearing Nina’s insights and analysis for my Nine Star Ki. It was my first introduction to Nine Star Ki. I learned about my personality, and also travel advice including what to focus on and what direction to travel in certain months.

Melisine Alegre


Nina is wonderful and very intuitive. I had a clear understanding of my next steps and I look forward to future sessions and insights.

Heather Thom

Breakup Counsellor

more love….