You might not feel particularly fab nor starlike when you’re worrying about being too little, too much, too late, too busy, too messy, too overwhelmed, too scared, and too stuck.


 Hi, I’m Nina,


I help people get unstuck. It pains me when I see lost potential. If you got it in you and if you feel ready to unleash your talent on the world, I will lovingly hold your hand or kick your fabulous butt, whichever is needed. 

Once upon a time, I was a girl with big dreams and a multitude of ideas. I wasn’t good with time management, I didn’t plan things. I just jumped. Ok, so I’m naturally gifted with jumping into various situations without forethought. Great! The thing is; when you jump a lot, you’ll also land on your face a lot. So I had a choice of eating tons of mud or learn how to plan ahead. I learned how to plan.

Taking big scary leaps is inevitable if you want to make big changes in your life, but it makes a difference if you jump when the tide is high or the tide is low, right!?

Let me share my way of estimating when the tide is high; it’s called Nine Star Ki.

There’s something magical with feeling like you’re living in the rhythm of the Universe. The ancient astrology called Nine Star Ki shows you how to do that. it’s like an organic time management system that adapts itself to your specific characteristics (archetype). I use this system in my life and in my coaching.

I’m a certified life coach. Before my coaching practice, I was an entrepreneur in the wellness and beauty field. In the last 2 decades, I’ve helped thousands of women accept and love themselves. That’s not enough! There’s more. I’ve seen the hidden potential. I’ve seen the fear of being visible.

 Are you ready to get out of the shadows?



Nine Fab Stars Coaching is mindset work that'll take you places you want to be, instead of staying stuck in the mud, on the road to Nowherespecial town.

Nine Fab Stars Membership is a super fun monthly service that provides you with planners, posters, things to wear, books to read, etc. Not just some random junk. These darlings are made for your very own Archetype.




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