Some days I’m longing after those days when I was cocky and arrogant. That feeling that emerges when you start taking your success or good fortune for granted. When I look at leaders who’ve done it for a while, kicked ass….I remember that feeling of confidence that comes from competence. The ease of being me, the ease of being here. Now I look at those people, a little tiny bit of envy seeping in.

But, hold on, there’s a but.

I have a new beginning. New country, new business, new life….. and most of all, a new opportunity to grow my cockiness back. If I work hard, show up, stumble down, lose my face, get up, cry some, try again. This is the only way to build your confidence.

Take it from experience. When you exchange your confidence for arrogance, you’ll get sloppy. That’s when your bad karma gets a chance to bite you. It is easier to stay lucky if you stay grateful. It’s easier to stay grateful if you’re not arrogant.

Listen, if I can do it, you can do it. Get good at the thing you love, keep practicing, feel the anxiety, feel the excitement, feel it all, but don’t give up. Keep putting one foot before the other. Be proud of your accomplishments, your hard work, your inner light. Be honest to yourself and you’ll be on your way.