HAPPY 2021!

In the 9 Star Ki system the year always starts on February 4th. And that’s what we follow here at Nine Fab Stars headquarters.


Oh my, looks like another interesting year. 


The exact date isn’t relevant. Energy changes gradually. It’s not like boom, now you’re in a different energetic sphere. It’s a subtle change. Just like seasons or the change from night to day.


From FEBRUARY 4TH, 2021 the World takes on the #6 White Metal  energyWhy is that, you might ask yourself. Umm, because #6 The Engineers occupy #5 The House of Karma. This is da house, and that’s why the Star Archetypes occupying this house get to call this year their own. The theme of the year is Order

This is the second metal year in a row. 2020 was a #7 metal year. That’s generally a happy house, but oftentimes there’s a darker side to it. This may involve deception. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. 

Metal #6 is not much different albeit more orderly and rigid. Financial and healthcare issues will continue all year.

General advice for this year: Find knowledge, don’t act out purely on emotion. Be curious. Study. Once you’ve learned something new, question it as well. Take care of your health. Breathe (metal energy= lungs).

While the Engineers camp out in #5 The House of Karma, the other Star Archetypes are hanging out in their respective energy houses.

Your personal energy is determined by:

1. The Global Ki (energy) of the year (metal 6). 

Explanation above!

2. Your Natal Ki(your Star Archetype).
3. What Yearly House you occupy in 2021.
4. What Monthly House you occupy each month.

Find out these by clicking on your birth year!