9 Fab Explanations

Change is not only inevitable, it is constant. Nine Fab Stars is a playful adaption of the ancient time management system called Nine Star ki. 

Nine Star Ki is sometimes called Feng Shui Astrology. It uses numerological charts and the five elements; wood, water, earth, metal, and fire to explain how energy moves in different situations.
The idea of categorizing energy as numbers and natural elements originates in the ancient teachings of Taoism and the I Ching (The Book of Changes). A lot of cool stuff has stemmed from those teachings; Feng Shui, Acupuncture, Shiatsu, and Macrobiotics to name a few.

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Your Star Archetype = Your Energy Blueprint

The year of your birth defines your Star Archetype. There are nine different archetypes. The year of your birth determines your star archetype.

So for example 2017 was a #1 White Water Year. People born that year will grow up to be wise and intuitive. That’s why they are called #1 Oracles. Their element is White Water, hence they might chill you down like winter in Siberia, or make their opinion heard like a thunderstorm on a tin roof.

Your Child Star

Your Child Star number is defined by the month of the year that you were born. Just as there are 9 different Star Archetypes, there are also 9 different Child Stars. There are 81 different combinations (9 Star Archetypes  x 9 Child Stars = 81). 

So even though there are 81 different combinations, there are only nine Star Archetypes. Let me put it like this; the same way that you can make a different tasting Martini with just two ingredients, Gin and Vermouth, two people with the same number combination will both be a delicious Martini, but taste different depending on where and how the Gin is distilled.

Well, something like that.

To find out more about your Star Archetype – Child Star combination click here.

How the Star Archetypes move through time

Besides your Star Archetype, you need to take into account the energy of the Yearly and Monthly Houses.

The Yearly House is like a plain cheesecake, and the Monthly House is like the fruit you’re having with it. The cheesecake will be the same all year, but the topping will change every month.

As you travel through time, at any given time, you’ll occupy different houses with their specific energy. That energy will interact with your inherent energy type. Each year has its energy, each, month, day, hour, minute, second, nanosecond, and ……ok, you get the drift.

2022 is a #5 Yellow Earth Year. Read more about the current year here.


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