Nina, Nat, and Nova. 



Nina‘s been doing Nine Star Ki for 3 decades. You can read more about her at

To hire her for a Nine Star Ki consulting and coaching, or to partake in one of her Masterminds click here.

Nat is the co-creator of Nine Fab Stars.

Nova is a typical #2 Shepherd. She’s always working on stuff and gifting people with thoughtful things like sticks and balls.


I like the idea of being aligned with the monthly energy, as I am used to doing things even when they don’t flow naturally. I so appreciated your view on planning, it was mind changing, I’ve always struggled and felt overwhelmed when thinking of planning. I now see it as a supportive tool that keeps me focused on myself, and makes me feel nurtured and safer – keeping in mind that plans can always change anytime, anyway. It’s like creating a personal compass, and I think you rock at this! It was interesting and fun to apply the nine star ki as a supportive system in a modern context. Knowing myself was very valuable, as it made me more aware of my nature, and accept myself more.

Nadia Maria Nacca