You live in a house. An energy house that is! Sometimes you might feel like a deranged elephant is running around breaking your china. That mofo is pooping all over your floors and giving you a massive headache. It happens, but if you can predict what kind of elep….I mean energy will rule your house, you’ll be able to plan accordingly.

My o my, I have a feeling there’s an elephant in my house this month.

Sometimes my casa isn’t your casa!

Your house depends on your archetype.

As you travel through time, at any given time, you’ll occupy a different house with its specific energy. That energy will interact with your inherent energy type. To complicate this further; each year has its energy, each, month, day, hour, minute, second, nanosecond, and ……ok I’m sure you get it.

The point being; you’re living in many houses at the same time. Gives you lots of wiggle room, doesn’t it?! So anyway, we’ll skip the nanoseconds and focus on the yearly and monthly houses.


Year of Change, not dance, silly!


2019 is the Year of Change

It’s a time for radical change and revolution. It can be the tiger eating the chicken, but it might also be the chicken teaching the tiger to sing. Anything is possible. Read more about the current year here.

Are you ready to get your house in order?

Thought so! Your fab ass deserves to be aligned with the energy of your house.

Bring more flow, ease, fun, and cupcakes into your life. Not sure about the cupcakes, could be carrot cakes, or Pina Coladas.

What to do? Oh my, better get my Nine Fab Stars Planner out. Ummm, now where did I put it? See, totally need my planner, so I can plan where to keep my planner.