I’ve got something really cool planned out this month!



The Nine Fab Stars planner takes into consideration how your star element moves from one energetic house to another.

You can plan your days according to where you’re residing each month. Not like physically residing, but what type of energy you’re jamming with. Slow, fast, fun, drab…

When you subscribe to one of our membership plans, you’ll get a new planner for every month.


How to use the planner?

The Nine Fab Stars monthly planner comes as a 30+ page printable pdf. Download and print it at home, or take it to a shop, (Staples, Office Max, Kinko’s, Lulu to name a few) that makes printouts.

Make sure to print at a size that matches your binder. The printouts may be printed as two- or one sided copies.

You can also use it on a tablet. Open it in a drawing app, such as GoodNotes or SketchBook.


There’s a different one for each archetype!

What’s in the planner?

  • Yearly overlook
  • Monthly overlook
  • Daily planner
  • Monthly goals
  • Action plan
  • Meal plan
  • To do List
  • Workout plan 

Plus a whole lot more. Like what kind of energy is prevalent, and is it a good idea to eat doughnuts, or should you rather feed them to you goldfish. That sounds like a bad idea. I don’t think doughnuts are meant for fish.

Hey, where did everybody go?

Start planning!

Get your Nine Fab Stars printable planner by getting the monthly subscription plan.