September 8 – October 7

In September the World takes on the #1 White Water energy. Why is that, you might ask yourself. Umm, because #1 The Oracle  occupy to the #5 Room of Karma. This is da room, and that’s why the Star Archetype occupying this space gets to call this month their own.

the global house

This energy is determined by the global Ki of 2023 (February 4 – February 3 the following year).


The global room

This energy is determined by the global Ki of the month ( September 8 – October 7, 2023).


While the Oracles camp out in #5 The Room of Karma, the other Star Archetypes hang out in their respective energy houses.


#5 The Room of Karma / Earth

Wait for things to appear and show you where you did well and where you could improve. It can feel a bit tough with  two earth elements, your yearly house and monthly room cooperating in muddying the waters.  Chill it out, have fun mud wrestling, and all will be good. 


#6 The Room of Order / Metal

Time to get organized! Tidy your desktop, computer files, email, Go through your papers, file, shred, and so on. Stay extra vigilant in traffic and around tools made of metal. The good metal, a.k.a. money might also come your way. The metal energy will  cut some of your yearly tree energy, giving you some needed rest.


#7 The Room of Ease / Metal

Let things come and go naturally without judgement. Stay in the moment and let yourself feel the feels without going all out drama queen. Some things can’t be fixed and that’s all there’s to it. Cry a little and move on! Receive, enjoy and have fun. It’s possible that you’ll get some extra dineros this month.


#8 The Room of Change / Earth

Sometimes the change comes to you unannounced and uninvited. Be prepared as this might be one of those times. Your Yearly #5 House isn’t ideal for big changes, but nothing wrong with doing tiny turns and adjustments. Take care of unfinished business and vocalize unsaid things. Be gentle!


#9 The Room of Clarity / Fire

The spotlight is on you. Nothing new here, you’re the the ruler after all. With fire supporting your element, earth you’ll feel extra energized. On the other hand, fire illuminates everything, both the good and the bad. It can bring recognition or shame, all depending on your actions.  


#1 The Room of Insight / Water

The water element is meditative and intuitive. it pushes you to transform your inner wants to become your outer goals. It would be ideal if you could relax some, and focus on perfecting your plans so that you’re energized and ready for world domination in the following months.


#2 The Room of Love / Earth

 This room is perfect for planting seeds for future success. Invest in love, friends, family, work, or anything that’s important to you. Work hard, but don’t play hard as it might take you away from what’s truly important.


#3 The Room of Opportunity / Tree

The Wood element adds heat to your yearly fire house. Optimism and energy is on! It’s as if a light has been switched on and you can see opportunities where there previously was none. Make sure to chill out and stay hydrated in all of the craziness.


#4 The Room of Growth / Tree

Tree energy is supporting your fire element. Continue on projects that were started earlier. Stay on task. Let inspiration carry you, just not too far from your current projects. Same goes for relationships; Build and nurture the good old ones.