My archetype has got a style and I’m gonna nail it!



When you are dressed in your colors and materials, when your style is just so you, that’s when you feel more alive, truer and more aligned.


How about my home?

Sometimes a room or house feels so good. You love it, you don’t want to leave. Could it be good Feng Shui? It could and often it is. 

But how about those times when the Feng Shui is good, your friend is enamored with a place but you’re not impressed at all? What’s wrong? Is it a matter of taste or could be that it just doesn’t support your Archetype?

It’s my house and I love it!

Found my style. Hot, don’t you think?

Start shining!

We’ve got you covered. Get a picture of what supports your element. Get your style guide and get in the rhythm of the universe.

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